Wednesday, April 09, 2008


What can we say... what an amazing evening!!! Talk about bringing back the Town Mike Thunder and Four4 presented a mixtape release party at 43 North Bar and I would say this was one of the best nights of the winter and what a show it was. The evening started off with Richie Beats ruling it with his marathon eclectic mix of beats. Rich always gets the crowd going with his great stage presence and positive vibe. Following Rich was C-Dub and wow... what mad original style this dude brings to the stage. A one man band with guitar, kick pedal with a make shift snare/bass kick, a sampler and other random things strung up on things. Twangy distorted blues riffs mixed with a little of western swing, throw in some samples and beats and there you have it, C-Dub at his finest. His part of the show was truly personal and one of a kind. Check him out on myspace and get one of his cd's! Following C-Dub was Hef and Twan from Biomecca stepped up and spit out some positive lyrics for the pumped up crowd. Always great to hear these cats live, it brings out their true form which is super tight. The highlight of the night was Mr. Mikey Thunder himself throwing down his new mixtape remix cd type thing. He rocked the whole place into a frenzy with his remixes of AC/DC's Thunderstruck, Santogold's Creator, Tribe and even sampled Rob and Big from MTV. Thick beats pulsated the whole place while every person in the place was completely enthralled in the mix. Things really heated up when Mikey announced his scratch session! This was one of the finer scratch sessions I've seen him do and was completely ridiculous!!! I was video taping the evening and I had run out of tape before that part and I was so pissed that I missed it, but It is forever burned into the back of every one's heads, I'm sure. He was definitely unstoppable that night and he really made the night. I had to step up after him and I was super nervous and slightly buzzed. I think my highlight was maybe the remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit! Kenny followed me with a poptastic set that kept the crowd going and going and going! All in all, the night was seriously dope! The people were out in full dance party force for the end of the season. We had a great time and I hope we can do that again very soon. Check out Mike Thunder's "Boom For The Mental" mix below. Just click on the link and enjoy. If you are computer it or just give Mikey a shout after 5pm... hence the Nocturnal Animal track...ha ha ha!!!

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