Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We have been doing weeklies here in Jackson Hole for so long now and in so many different places around town I can't even count how many we have done. We've done club nights, disco nights, hiphop nights, eighties nights, jazz nights... whatever night we could have come up with to keep our scene going. After about 12 years, here we are again... Ladies Night at the Town Square Tavern. We started doing Ladies Night  a couple of weeks ago and really, I was totally freaked because we had just quit the Coach after a 7 year stint and not really knowing if this was going to work to be quite honest. Well it ended up be a great first night. Mikey held it down and kept the crowd wanting more as always. The first night of any gig is always on the edge of not happening. July 4th weekend definitely fueled the fire. Anyway... what I am trying to get at is that I want to bring back the club on Thursday Nights and get the crowd fired up to dance without a full night of top forty. Nothing is wrong with the top forty stuff, but there is something to be said about some good thick beats rolling out of the speakers and the sub just rumbling! I do miss that and we used to have those nights at The Cuvee'... remember that people!!! I want people to enjoy coming out and dancing there asses off without the worry of mainstream music playing... all night. Please do not get me wrong, we need that stuff because people are not comfortable with stuff that they don't know so we are not leaving this completely out of the show, but we are trying to BRING IT BACK TO THE CLUB!!! Just come out with your lady friends, get down and have a great time. That is all we can ask for. I posted some tracks that I thought were appropriate for the subject... ENJOY!

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