Friday, September 26, 2008


All my life I have never really been into politics and I can say I am not into them still. Over the years especially in the last four years since Bush got re-elected President did I actually care about our situation in America and this silly War thing! I am not educated to talk my smack about the war nor about our economic situation other than we all seem to be in some trouble with the state we are in. I think greed has finally caught up to us and now we are all paying the price except for maybe Bush and Cheney... I'm sure they will get their share of helplessness. Anyway I am going to vote again for the second time in my life. For me that is a huge step. It is about time I care about what is happening now and what will happen in the future. With that said, check out this track from DJ Green Lantern... tight shit!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN, Rocky! Glad to hear you're voting for OBAMA!!! I seem to remember a conversation we had in which I desperately pleaded Obama's case to you. I'm glad you're finding your own reasons now and getting involved. That's AWESOME!!

Hope you're well. Blog looks great. Super snazzy.