Friday, March 07, 2008

Disco Not Disco

WOW!!! Another "Disco Night" at the Stagecoach. We have been Dj'ing at the Coach on Thursday night since 2001. That's about 7 years...364 nights of... well sort of Disco music. That's a long running weekly if I do say so myself! Originally it started in 1994 by our good friend Andre. He is the original Dj in Jackson Hole who started a scene that would not have existed today if it wasn't for him. He played every Thursday for about the same time as us, but he did it by himself most of the time, which was always totally insane to me. He eventually stopped doing it and moved back East. We took it over and it has been a strange and exciting journey since. Nothing has really changed other than I'm getting older and the crowd is obviously staying the same. Musical tastes are still MTV and I-Tunes driven, which is completely horrible at times especially when we are trying to promote good underground music whether it be HipHop, Breaks, Mashups, Remixes or whatever we think that people should hear in this Podunk town!! Anyhow...back to Disco. Last night I played only one Disco song that wasn't even the original mix. It is getting pretty rough to play songs that are 30 years old. Whatever...the kids barely even know what Disco is anymore. I could go on for days about this but I have to go. Check the track and keep listening.

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