Tuesday, March 18, 2008


WOW! Debauchery! Debauchery! Debauchery! Complete madness last night at the Brew Pub. Standing room only if you could even stand up after just a couple hours of drinking Brew Pub beer and listening to loud Irish music. The freaks definitely came out at night and even at 9:00 in the morning when some of the hardcores started partying yesterday. Definitely one of the busiest nights that I have ever seen at the pub since we started spinning there. You could not walk through the crowd without getting spewed with beer. I was really nervous about playing traditional Irish music, but the people were completely backing it and raising their mugs and gettin' down! Mikey and Jersey showed up to step up to the pit of insanity and pure drunkenness. Both of those cats are Irish, so they actually new a quite a few of the tracks being played. I on the other hand...did not. I was was stoked to be rockin' different music for a change. We all had a great time and nobody spilled any beer on the equipment...bonus!!! Thanks to the Brew Pub crew, the OB-1 beer and the people that attended. We'll see you soon. Happy drinking! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey,Rocky & Thunder this is Grizzly in Austin Texas.I'll be up there for my bachelors party May 22 - May 27!
See y'all real soon!