Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have said "change has come" quite a few times in my life... since I probably started skateboarding when I was 15. I am pushing 40 now and the change is upon me once again. I will not go into details of my personal life, so with that said, I am in the mists of making a new mixtape. It's ok to call it a mixtape, I swear. This is not a type of mixtape that you make when your trying to get your girlfriend back but a mixtape for your listening pleasure or however else you want to get down to it. I will drop a couple of tracks here until I actually have the mix completely dialed... hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for listening because sometimes I have a hard time... peace. 

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psydergrl said...

nice website. i hope all is well in your life roque.
love & light -