Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am not going to sugar coat this. I miss this fucking kid!!! Chris Blank aka KING WEEP. He passed in November 2005 and things have not been the same since. It is like that when good people and good things pass regardless. This dude was special though... you could see it in his eyes. Soft spoken, fragile, righteous, soulful, skinny, loud, talented... you get it. People gravitated towards him as if he was some sort of soothsayer... a saint who had come to tell you that everything will be o.k. no matter what goes down. He was a chick and  a dude magnet, if you will.  A light would shine on him and he made people feel warm around him. Granted sometimes I really wanted to kick his ass in, but that's what brother do... right? 23 years is a long time to be close friends with someone. We stayed pretty close and solid from the beginning... High School, Skateboarding, New York, Snowboarding, Vermont, Skateboarding, Arizona, Skateboarding, New York, Skateboarding, Philly, Skateboarding, Wyoming, Snowboarding, Skating, Climbing, Fishing, Mountainbiking, Music, DJing etc...Damn those were great times. Getting too heavy... this kid was solid and he is missed by many people that he met everywhere he was. Let's all tilt our heads up and praise the man KING WEEP. He is always with us. Take it light and stay righteous... PEACE MY BROTHER.

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GRTaylor said...

Word. The last time I saw Weep was the day after your wedding. We were all at the JH Skatepark - and Weep was doing Backside D's in the shallow. He was joking around that they (D's) were weird to do when you don't have all your toes.

That was Weep.

My life has changed so much in the last couple of years and through all the shit or whatever - I always think about Weep and the attitude he had through his ups and downs. I try to stay positive because that's what he would have told me to do.

Much Love-Taylor