Sunday, October 11, 2009


Not sure how set I am about the title or these posts I am doing for Mondays. After all, any music after today is technically old... Right? Maybe I'll change it to just Music Mondays. Either way I have found tons of music that I was into and I am still into.

I'm kind of a sensitive guy and therefore I like to listen to music that really hits you in the heart. That kind of sounds wack but it's true and I don't care if you make fun of me the next time you see me... Whatever. Now I'm not talking about listening to Lionel Ritchie's End Less Love or anything like that. I'm talking about...


This guy is from Ontario, Canada and has been around since about 1994 or so. I got into him by mistake really. I went to The Khyber Pass in Philly when I was living there in 1995 and ended checking this dude's show out... I was blown away by his presence. It was just him, a Guitar and a Harmonica. Deep voice and super real lyrics. He is a great musician and song writer. I was instantly hooked and got his first record "Everything I Long For."

Check out these tracks from that records..

I'm To Blame
Assignment In Space With Rip Foster

Buy his music from HERE

Another group that I was into at the same time was Knapsack. Definitely more Emo I guess. They stemmed from a group called SamIam who were equally as Emo. Whetever Emo was at the time I guess. I never called it Emo until somebody told me about the "genre." Whatever, it's still great music and I have these records on vinyl only, so I recently discovered my records again and started to reminise about when I saw them in NJ at the Roxy! Wow what great times there. Anyway these guys were great and I don't think that they are together anymore which is fine because I'm sure they were unstable as a band anyway... Hehehe.

Tracks from there second record "Day Three of My New Life "

Diamond Mine
Boxing Gloves
Tracks from "This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now"


Please Shut Off The Lights
Katherine The Grateful

You should go to Alias Records and check out what they have and Buy stuff.

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Benj said...

cool, good post rocky. i have a little bit of stuff by knapsack, but never liked them as much as samiam. but i will check these tracks out. never heard hayden before, but being a lucero fan this sounds pretty cool too. thanks.